The North Carolina Quilt Symposium, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that was formed after the first symposium in Raleigh in 1979.  At the time of its formation, its primary purpose was to insure the continuation of an annual Quilt Symposium.  NCQSI’s purpose was expanded to promote and perpetuate the art of quilting through regularly sponsored symposia within the state of North Carolina and to sponsor other projects designed to preserve, continue, and advance this art form.  40 years ago, you had few resources available to learn about quilting.

Since 1979, quilting has grown exponentially.  You can learn about quilting at local quilt shops, local & national quilt shows, television, online with YouTube, quilting shows, blogs, and websites designed to teach various arts & crafts.

We can no longer compete with the numerous rivals for your time and money.  2019 will be the last symposium. While it’s sad to see it end, we need to celebrate the rise of quilting artistry & industry.  I hope our symposium had a little hand in that.

I want to thank everyone who supported symposium thru the years: the founders, the volunteers who served on the board, the volunteers at the guilds who hosted in the past, and those of you, who attended symposium.  I also want to extend my thanks to the great quilting instructors we’ve hosted at symposium. They were the reason people signed up!

Thank you everyone,

Bonnie McPhail, President NCQSI



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