NCQSI provides three scholarships to quilters to attend the following year’s symposium when the budget allows.

At the end of each symposium, a drawing is made for the names of all symposium attendees; they must be present to win.  The scholarship provides partial tuition for Symposium the following year, up to $300. One of the three scholarships is in the name of Georgia Bonesteel, and one in the name of Jane Hall, to honor the contributions these women have made to quilting and the NCQSI.  Read about their achievements below.  The third scholarship is given by the NCQSI Board.

Meet Georgia Bonesteel 

Georgia’s first venture into the field of sewing was in 1970, when she was asked to assist with a television program doing the behind-the-scenes sewing for the “on camera” person.  This experience led her to develop a collection of elegant evening bags which she sold in local boutiques.  Inspired by the success and excitement of producing her own one-of-a-kind evening bags, she quickly moved into the area of quilting.  She has taught many classes, workshops, and week-long retreats.  With the increasing reputation as a teacher and quilter, she began the Lap Quilting With Georgia television series on PBS.  Georgia has written many books to accompany the series and her programs Americana.

Georgia loves to explore new ways of designing and crafting quilts, having created the portable “Lap Quilting” concept for which she is widely knows.  “Grid Grip”, a gridded freezer paper, was her idea and is found in quilt shops nation-wide, as well as the portable and comfortable lap hoop which folds for easy “take along” projects.

When you are with Georgia, you can be assured of a fun experience.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to laugh, but don’t be fooled, she is also very sensitive and caring.  Filled with boundless energy, her greatest joy is teaching.  Much of her energy has also been directed to serving many quilting organizations.  She served on the North Carolina Quilt Symposium Board in its earlier years, helping to shape the direction and purpose of the organization.  As first President of the Western North Carolina Quilters Guild, she became the impetus for a thriving and active guild.  Georgia has held many other leadership offices both nationally and internationally.  Visit Georgia’s website for more information:

Meet Jane Hall 

Many of you know Jane Hall or have been fortunate enough to be in one of her classes or lectures.  Jane is a driving force behind the symposia held each year in North Carolina and the NCQSI Board has named one of its annual scholarships in her honor.  The lucky winner of the first Jane Hall Scholarship was Karen Diehl.

Jane Hall has lectured and taught quiltmaking for guilds and quilt conferences in the United States and abroad for the past 25 years.  She is a Certified Teacher, a Certified Quilt Judge, a Certified Appraiser for quilts both antique and contemporary as well as an author and quilt designer.

Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally, in quilt shows, juried fiber and multi-media exhibitions and galleries.  Her quilts are included in public and private collections and in the American Quilter’s Society Museum in Paducah, KY.

She has a particular interest in Log Cabin and Pineapple Quilts, and has explored techniques for piecing quilts on foundations.  She has co-authored four books on quiltmaking with Dixie Haywood (Perfect Pineapples, C & T Publishing, 1989; Precision Pieced Quilts Using the Foundation Method, Chilton Book Company, 1992; Firm Foundations, American Quilters Society, 1996; and Hall and Haywood’s Foundation Quilts, Building on the Past, American Quilters Society, 2000.)

Jane is intrigued by the interaction of colors in fabrics and the graphics of quilt designs, especially the geometry of patterns such as Mariner’s Compasses and Pineapples.  She works most often with traditional patterns using innovative sets and coloration, taking a fresh approach to the designs.

A graduate of Cornell University, Jane lives in Raleigh, NC, and has six grown children and ten grandchilden.

Jane says: “I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t involved with quilting – it’s the best!”