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Board of Directors

board members at symposium

Right: Some of the board members who attended the May 2015 Symposium at Bon Clarken, Flat Rock, NC

Front row: Marsha Tolley, DeLane Rosenau, Cindy Williams, Dianne Putnam;

Back Row: Terri Riddle, Sue Ann Jatko, MaryAnn Budahl, Bonnie McPhail, Joan Tolley

Composition and Duties of the Board of Directors with Application Form


PRESIDENT: Cindy Williams

Cindy WilliamsLives in Franklin

In 1980 I visited Franklin, North Carolina. I anticipated a 2-month stay, rented an apartment and took my Singer Golden Touch and Sew and several boxes of polyester double-knit fabrics, expecting to have plenty of time to make clothing. My first mistake was a visit to MACO Crafts, home of (at that time) the world’s largest quilt. A log cabin block by Linda Nation caught my eye and I have sewn only quilts ever since! In fact, those boxes of double-knits are probably still around somewhere!

While I love the process of making a quilt – everything from the planning to the cutting to the sewing – I firmly believe that the sewing machine was invented for a reason and I use it for all aspects of my work, winning Best Machine Quilting at the 2008 Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild Show.

I am a technician rather than a designer, and enjoy the math and finding quicker, more efficient ways to gain my end result. Getting others hooked helps alleviate the guilt caused by the amount of time and money I spend on quilting (“See, everybody does it!”).

I have one grown son (how can that be??), one grown granddaughter, and live in Franklin, NC, with Bill and our 2 labs, Joey and Jazz.


MaryAnn Budahl Resides in Cullowhee

MaryAnn says, “In seventh grade, while living in Wisconsin, I made an apron, a head band, and a pot holder, and I’ve been sewing ever since.” MaryAnn began quilting about ten years ago when she retired from a career in nursing. She says, “Miniature quilts are currently my passion – but put a needle and thread in my hand and I’m happy with whatever I’m working on. I’m constantly amazed at how much there is to learn about quilting – new patterns, techniques, short cuts, tools, etc.” She lives in Cullowhee with her husband and small dog, Flower, and is a member of the Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild in Franklin, NC.

MaryAnn has been a member of the NCQSI Board since 2013..

When asked about why she loves Symposium, she says, “Symposium, with its classes by nationally known teachers, magnificent quilt shows, vendors with books, patterns, fabrics, rulers, etc., etc., makes it possible to keep up with all aspects of traditional and contemporary quilting. And to be surrounded by folks who love quilting as much as I do at Symposium is a dream come true. Thank you, NCQSI!”

SECRETARY: Elizabeth "Liz" McNabb

Liz McNabbHometown: Tampa, Florida — Currently resides in Mooresville, NC

Liz says, “I bought my first non-store made quilt on my honeymoon in New England. It was a crib quilt and all I could afford. I had wanted to learn since then.” She most enjoys appliqué. She also enjoys Mixed Media, often overlapping her two loves into inspirational pieces. In her spare time she also enjoys traveling and reading.

Liz joined the NCQSI Board in 2010. She says, "because my friend asked me to!" When asked about a favorite Symposium memory she says: "My first symposium in Charlotte was my most memorable. Taking classes from national teachers that I only had seen in magazines but now met in person."

TREASURER: Marsha Tolley

Marsha TolleyHometown: Durham, NC, where she currently resides

When asked how she started quilting, Marsha says “my grandmother made quilts and I loved the look and feel of her quilts. Always wanted to learn but didn’t have time when children were little. When my daughter turned 16 I decided it was time to learn to quilt to help ease the symptoms of empty nest syndrome that was to come. My first quilt was the Half Log Cabin by Sharyn Craig.” Marsha enjoys traditional, hand embroidery, and scrap quilts. Marsha belongs to Durham-Orange Quilters Guild and the Capital Quilters Guild. In her spare time, Marsha enjoys knitting and belongs to several different groups (knitting and quilting). She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Marsha joined the NCQSI Board three years ago. She enjoys meeting and working with a diverse group of ladies to ensure a symposium is held every year.

When asked what she liked best about Symposium, Marsha replied “I enjoy going to symposium to meet my favorite teachers and reconnect with friends that I’ve met either at symposium or another quilting event. I enjoy the quilt show and getting to shop at a variety of vendors.”


DeLane RosenauHometown: none! DeLane's father was active military and she grew up in many parts of the US and the World. — Currently resides in Denver, NC

When asked about how she started quilting, she says, "both of my grandmothers quilted and I always loved sleeping under a quilt made by one of them. I wanted to pass on that feeling of being loved under a hand-made quilt." DeLane is mostly self-taught but has gained wisdom in knowing the value of a good class! DeLane enjoys traditional as well as art quilting; appliqué is a favorite technique used in both expressions of the art of quilting.

DeLane is past president of Mooresville Centerpiece Quilters Guild and was Program Chair for the Lake Norman Quilters in Mooresville. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with her grandchildren.

DeLane joined the NCQSI Board in 2008 because she was a member of the Charlotte Quilt Guild which was hosting an upcoming Symposium. She likes knowing she is a small part of the process of making sure a Symposium occurs in North Carolina each year.

When asked what she likes most about Symposium, she says, "It's hard to pick one thing. I love the classes and meeting teachers I see on TV and in magazines. I love getting to see areas of the state I may not have visited before, and I love meeting the other quilters and talking about a shared passion."

Director: Barbara Adams

Barbara AdamsResides in Elizabeth City


Director: Irene Grimes

Irene GrimesHometown: Athens, Greece — Currently resides in Fayetteville, NC

Irene started "hanging out" with two ladies who were quilters and got bitten by the bug (it took several years though!); once bitten, she was done! She belongs to the Tarheel Quilters Guild in Fayetteville, NC, and to the Modern Quilting Group in Fayetteville.

Irene most enjoys the creative part of quilting! - which are all parts: whether you are designing the quilt, arranging the blocks, making the blocks or quilting it - all of it requires some creativity. Irene teaches paper piecing and self publishes her paper piecing patterns.

She joined the NCQSI Board in 2013. "I worked as a volunteer at Symposium in 2013 when the Tarheels Quilters Guild hosted and came to realize what great value it has in an educational, social, socializing and fun aspect!"

When asked about her favorite memory she said, "Last year, I volunteered to work at the Quilt Show. When the doors opened, and the ladies who had quilts in the show came in, some of them exhibiting for the first time, and saw their quilts hanging there! They were moved, excited, proud and humbled all at the same time! It was such a pleasure to see this!"

Director: Sue Ann Jatko

Hometown: Born in New Jersey — Currently resides in the Raleigh area (for the past 20 years. “I am an alum of the dark blue school!”)

Sue Ann always sewed clothes for herself and her daughters. Her mother joined a quilt guild in the 1980s which led to Sue Ann wanting to learn to quilt so she and her mom could make vests together. She never did make vests, but learned from her mom how to make cute baby quilts as gifts. She says the baby quilts remain her favorites! Sue Ann is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Sue Ann joined the NCQSI Board to learn about Symposium; she is one of the chairs for 2016 Symposium in Raleigh.

Director: Bonnie McPhail

Bonnie McPhailCurrently resides in Salemburg, NC

Bonnie started quilting in order to pass down the craft from her grandmother. She says, “I remember sitting under the quilt frame at quilting bees, passing the needle up thru the quilt to the ladies of the bee. My grandmother made utilitarian quilts for the family and I wanted to do the same. I’ve made quilts for all my nephews, niece, and daughter, when they graduated from high school. I have also started making quilts for them when they get married. I hope to be
able to make baby quilts soon.”

Bonnie belongs to the Tarheel Quilters’ Guild in Fayetteville, NC. The guild makes quilts for the NICU at Cape Fear Memorial Hospital and for veterans at the VA Hospital and Nursing Home in Fayetteville. Bonnie has taught some sewing and quilting classes at local quilt shops and for the guild. She also volunteers at the local Food Bank, along with other family members; she says, “We often think of people in foreign poor countries going hungry, but we have too many neighbors that go hungry every day. Many of these needy are children and the elderly.”

Bonnie has been on the NCQSI board for five years. She joined in order to prepare for the 2013 Quilt Symposium held in Fayetteville.

When asked about her favorite Symposium memory, she says, “My favorite memory was the relief when the 2013 symposium was finished and was a success. My hope is that we can continue to carry on with this wonderful opportunity for our state and the future of quilting.”

Director: Dianne Putnam

putnamHometown: Columbia, SC — Currently resides in Hampstead, NC

Dianne was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and grew up in Columbia, SC. After becoming a federal employee, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and then to Reston, Virginia, where she stayed until she retired. In 2002, while on vacation on Topsail Island, Dianne and her husband found their perfect retirement home and moved right in! Dianne retired in 2004 and Hampstead, NC, has been her home ever since. Dianne has been sewing most of her life – making her clothes, drapes and other items for her homes; doing needlework projects; and in general was into lots of “crafty” things. While in Virginia, Dianne took up basket making, and somehow became a quilter! Dianne says, “My best friend was a quilter and she and I would go with each other to our respective basket and quilting guild meetings. In 1994, my first quilting class was a cute little miniature 9-patch class with Linda Poole – hard to believe my first quilt had 1⁄4 inch blocks! Since then I have made lots of quilts for both family members and various charities. So over time the quilting has stuck and my basket making has faded into the background!”

Dianne joined the Quilters Unlimited guild while in Virginia. When she knew she was moving to Hampstead, she joined the Quilters by the Sea Guild in Wilmington. She is also a member of the National Quilting Association and the American Quilter’s Society.

Dianne says, “In 2011, I had the pleasure of being accepted on the NCQSI Board. As an upcoming Chair of a Symposium, my initial desire was just to understand what my role would be and what I had gotten myself into. But I feel strongly that you should give back to your community and support those activities and organizations that you love.

Director: Terri Riddle

Currently resides in Sanford, NC

Terri began quilting in the 1980s with Georgia Bonesteel on PBS. She learned to sew at age nine, with her mom as her teacher (who Terri says “made most all of my clothes growing up”). Terri liked sewing and crafting and wanted to try quilting; she was instantly hooked! Terri loves all aspects of quilting but needle turn appliqué and hand quilting are her favorites. She also enjoys machine piecing and machine quilting. She is a member of the Hearts and Hands/ECA Quilters Guild in Sanford where she has served as President (twice), secretary, and quilt show chair (three times). She also enjoys guild, Extension and Community Association activities. Terri enjoys teaching quilting classes: beginning quilting, T-shirt quilts, hand appliqué and English Paper Piecing. She has also taught kids’ quilting camps in the summer through 4-H; she is a former 4-H Leader (Crazy Quilters
4-H Club).

Terri has been on the NCQSI Board for the past 3 years. She wanted to join the Board because she says, “I’m so passionate about quilting and want to help preserve quilting in North Carolina.”

When asked about a favorite Symposium memory, she says, “I have enjoyed every symposium I have attended. My favorite learning memory is taking a class from Becky Goldsmith - my appliqué idol!!! The best part about symposium besides the classes are the friendships made and how we have such a great time!! You go once and you’ll want to go back!! My most favorite memory was at Western Carolina where Cindy Williams and Nancilee Dills were co-chairs. Their humor was infectious!!! Never a dull moment with those two.”

Director: Joanne Shafer

Joanne ShaferHometown:  Ann Arbor, Michigan — Currently resides in Zirconia, NC

Joanne was a clothing and textile teacher, but says she no longer teaches. She loves traditional piecing. She is a member of the Western North Carolina Quilters and Asheville Quilt Guilds. In her spare time she volunteers with her local library.

Joanne has been serving on the NCQSI Board for the past five years. She says she serves because she wants to preserve quilting.

When asked about her favorite Symposium memory, she says her favorite Symposium was in Cullowhee.

Director: Heather G. Tighe

Hometown: Old Lyme, Connecticut — Currently resides in Hampstead with her husband and their three feline children.

Heather’s quilting journey began in 1971 when she took an adult education class in quilting. Since that time, she has been involved in all facets of quilt making and has won numerous awards. She owned and operated a first class quilt shop in Wilmington, North Carolina and presently owns and operates a longarm quilting company. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge in quilt making and became a National Quilting Association Certified Teacher and teaches all levels of quilt making. When she is not behind either her domestic sewing machine or longarm, Heather enjoys cooking and gardening. She says, “My house will not win any best kept house award, in fact, I keep my vacuum cleaner nearby. When someone stops by, the vacuum gives the impression that I was cleaning and they usually will not stay long. Then I can get back to the important things in life – like quilting!”

Heather is new to the NCQSI Board and looks forward to getting involved with promoting and preserving the art of quilt making.

Director: Joan Kennedy Tolley

Joan TolleyHometown: Spring Lake, New Jersey — Currently resides in Black Mountain, NC

Joan says she was interested in making quilts and took a class while living in Vermont from an 82-year-old woman who had quilted all her life. Joan most enjoys making scrappy quilts and is really enjoying making modern quilts. She belongs to the Asheville Quilt Guild. In her spare time, Joan enjoys girl scouting both locally and internationally, book group, golf, hiking and traveling with her husband. She loves teaching quilting to children.

Joan recently joined the NCQSI Board as a representative for the Asheville Quilt Guild; AQG will be hosting Symposium in 2018!

When asked about a favorite Symposium memory, Joan says, “My favorite symposium class was the hand-dyed class I took in 2002. I am still using some of the 10 yards of fabric we dyed. I also enjoyed this year getting to know more of the participants and I look forward to seeing them in 2016.”

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